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Windows Driver - 32 Bit

METAZA Driver LD-80(32bit) Ver.1.10

[Model] LD-80 [OS] Windows7/ 8.1/ 10(32-bit)

Windows Driver - 64 Bit

METAZA Driver LD-80(64bit) Ver.1.10

[Model] LD-80 [OS] Windows7/ 8.1/ 10(64-bit)

METAZAStudio Updater

METAZAStudio Updater to Ver.2.40 

[Model] : MPX-70, MPX-80, MPX-90, MPX-90M, MPX-95, LD-80 [OS]: Windows7(32-bit/64-bit)/ 8(32-bit/64-bit)/ 8.1(32-bit/64-bit)/ 10(32-bit/64-bit)

This is a updating program for METAZAStudio to the latest. You need to have METAZAStudio already installed. Download the zip file, and double-click "updater.exe" and follow the instructions as displayed for installation.