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Where is this machine manufactured?

In Japan. DWX-52D is manufactured under Japanese medical device regulations.

Is CAD/CAM software included?

Not all regions include software, see an individual DGSHAPE reseller for details.

Why do we need a dust collector?

It is to prevent the discharge of the processing waste. Inhalation of processed dust may cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Zirconia dust is very dangerous if inhaled. It also has a role to prevent machining debris from getting inside the main cavity of the machine where the electronics are located. 

What kind of dust collector / compressor should I use?

Dust Collector

  • Static pressure 4 KPa or more
  • Airflow rate 2 m 3 / min or more


  • Air pressure 0.2 to 1.0 Mpa
  • Air volume 30 L / min or more
  • Due to the inclusion of foreign matter into the compressed air, please use oil-free type.
  • Moist air will cause rust. Please use one with a dryer.
  • Since stable pressure is required, please choose one with sufficient tank capacity.
  • Hose outer diameter: 6 mm (polyurethane resin tube) please be prepared.
How many teeth can I make with one zirconia disc?

It is roughly 20-40 teeth. However it depends on shape and CAM function to be used.

Do I need to use a medical-specific milling burr?

You do not need to use medical-grade milling burrs.

Is it possible to operate continuously for 24 hours?

We have done durability tests of continuous operation and we have seen no problems. Please be sure to observe the following conditions for the installation environment:

  • Operating Environment: Temperature 5 to 40 ° C, humidity 35 to 80% (with no condensation)
  • Environmental Pollution Degree: 2 (according to IEC 60664-1)
We are considering purchasing. Where can I inquire about the product?

Click on the "Where to Buy" button at the top of the screen

How big is the DWX-52D main unit?

The external dimensions are 495 mm (width) x 660 mm (depth) x 600 mm (height). Weight is 67 kg.

Please secure 0.6 m × 1.0 m as installation space. In addition, it is recommended to secure 1.1 m × 1.5 m for working space.

Please tell me the material size that can be attached to the DWX-52D?

DWX-52D accepts standard 98.5 mm discs and can also accept pin-type blocks with the optional block adaptor.

What materials can be cut with DWX - 52D?

Ceramics materials such as zirconia, wax, PMMA, hybrid resin, PEEK, gypsum, and hybrid materials. However, depending on specifications and physical properties, processing may not be possible. For details, please contact the dealer from whom you bought this product, or contact our company's call center.

I would like to use discs without a step, is it possible?

This is not possible. Discs must have a step in them to be loaded in the machine. 

When using DWX-52D, please tell us about recommended specifications and supported OS for Windows PC.
  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit version)
  • CPU: CPU running operating system
  • Memory: Memory in which the operating system operates
    • Drive: CD-ROM drive (required for installing software)
    • Video Card and Display: 1024 × 768 dots, one capable of displaying 256 colors or more is recommended
  • Interface: USB (Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1 compliant)
Please tell me the file format that can be sent with "VPanel".

It is RML - 1, NC code. * Cutting data generated by CAM corresponding to DWX-52D can be output.

What software is included with DWX-52D?

It is VPanel and Windows Driver.

  • VPanel is software that performs operation of this machine, confirmation of operation status, maintenance, etc.
  • Windows Driver is software necessary to send data from the computer to this machine.
Does DWX-52D operate with NC code (G code)?

Operation is possible.

* It is possible to output the NC code generated by the CAM corresponding to DWX-52D.

Can I drill holes such as access holes with DWX-52D?

If it is compatible with CAM software, processing is possible. Please contact our sales partner for details.

What is the diameter and length of the shank of the milling bar that can be used?

The milling burr has a shank diameter of 4 mm and a length of 40 to 55 mm.

Is the DWX-52D connected to a computer a USB?

Yes. USB cable for connection is attached as standard.
USB 3.0 exclusive cable cannot be used.
Also, we do not guarantee connections via USB extension cable or hub.

What is the length of standard attached USB cable of DWX-52D? Can I use a commercially available USB cable?

The length of the connection cable of the DWX-52D is 3 meters, please use the standard attached USB cable.

Can I use an account that requires user authentication with the e-mail function in VPanel?

Can be used.
* Sending of mail may not be possible due to security software settings, etc. If you can not send e-mail, check the setting of the security software you use for antivirus measures etc.

Can composite resins be processed? When processing is possible, please tell me what you need.

It can process. However, we need to prepare the following. Please contact the reseller for details.

  • Milling bar for Composite resins (example: ZDB-D series manufactured by our company)
  • Process setting for Composite resins (Function added to your CAM software)
Which manufacturer's composite resins can be processed?

Of the composite resins of health insurance application (CADCAM crown), we have confirmed that it is possible to process materials that can be attached to the DWX series. (As of August 2015)
For material availability for individual materials, please contact the material manufacturer or sales partner.

Where can I purchase "ZDB-D" milling bar series?

It can be purchased at DWX dealer. Please contact a DWX dealer for purchase details.

What kind of tooth processing is available for Composite resins in Composite resins Milling Bar "ZDB-D" series?

Estimated number of teeth that can be processed is as follows. Because it depends on the material of the composite resins and the crown shape, please take the reference level. The "ZDB-D" series is not suitable for machining works other than composite resins such as zirconia, PMMA, WAX. Please note that machining quality will be degraded if workpieces other than composite resins are processed.

Please tell me how to manage the lifetime of composite resins Milling Bar "ZDB-D" series.

Please register the "ZDB - D" series newly in "Tool management" of VPanel. Estimated lifetime values are as follows. Please refer to the manual for registration.

Initial operation does not work / initial operation fails.

Is the front cover open?

Please close the front cover at startup. If the cover is open during start-up, we do not perform an initial operation for safety. Please refer to the user's manual [VPanel screen and function, "Maintenance" tab]

Is the milling burr stuck?

The milling bar attached to the spindle unit may be caught in the rotating shaft unit or work and caught in the workpiece, so the initial operation may not be possible. Please use VPanel's emergency release and try removing the milling bar once.

Is something stuck in the spindle unit or rotating shaft unit?

Open the maintenance cover and check whether the workpiece or machining dust is caught.

Operation button does not respond.

Is the front cover open?
When the front cover is open, part of the operation is restricted. Please close the cover.

Are you wearing gloves?
Operation buttons will not respond with gloves. Please remove gloves and operate.

VPanel does not recognize the air frame

Is the cable connected?
Check the cable connection. Please refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Connecting Cables").

Is the driver installed correctly?
If you do not connect to the computer according to the procedure, the driver will not install properly. If the driver is not appropriate, VPanel will not function properly. Please reconfirm whether the connection was done correctly. Refer to the troubleshooting section, Installation trouble in user's manual

When connecting multiple units, did you check the connection procedure?
The connection procedure may be incorrect. Please check the correct connection method. Please refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Connecting Multiple Units") as a reference.

Did you change the airframe ID?
If you change the ID of the airframe, restart VPanel.
Refer to the user's manual "1. Operation screen, VPanel display / termination"

Can not output to the aircraft / It does not move even if it is output.

Is the front cover open?
If the front cover is open, machining will not start even if machining data is received. When all the covers are closed and the operation button of the built-in panel is pushed, processing starts.

Does VPanel recognize the aircraft?
Please confirm that the VPanel display is other than "Offline (display on OFF)".

Is the selected airframe correct when connecting multiple units?
Please select the aircraft you want to output on VPanel screen.

Is not it paused?
PAUSE LED is lit, it is paused. While paused, the machining operation stops and part of the operation is restricted. You can cancel the temporary stop by pressing the operation button of the built-in panel for a short time. If you press and hold the operation button, processing stops.

Is it during initial operation / data canceling?
Machining data received during the initial operation or data cancellation will be canceled. Please confirm that it is waiting and output it.

Is the processing data correct?
There may be a problem with the parameters of processing data. Please check the processing data.

Has an error occurred?
When an error occurs, the error LED flashes. The error contents are displayed in VPanel. Refer to the user's manual 4. Troubleshooting section, How to deal with error messages "

Computer shut down after connecting multiple units

Have you connected the same ID machine to the computer at the same time?
If you connect the same ID machine to one computer at the same time, the computer may shut down. In that case, turn off the power of all connected aircraft and disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Then restart the computer and start VPanel. If VPanel does not start up, install it again. Please set again so that ID does not overlap afterward. Please refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Connecting Multiple Units") as a reference.

Spindle does not rotate

Is the spindle belt broken or missing?
Check the inside of the maintenance cover.
If the spindle belt was damaged, please replace it.

There is no effect of ionizer (processing waste adheres to the periphery of processing area)

Is the workpiece being processed PMMA?
Ionizer (static electricity eliminator) has effect only PMMA. Zirconia and wax have no effect.

Is there machining debris on the periphery of the ionizer?
If machining dust adheres, please remove it with a dust collector. If the processing waste is attached, the effect of the ionizer may be reduced. Also, please do not touch inside the ionizer.
Please refer to "3. Maintenance, daily maintenance" in the user's manual

Is the aircraft connected to earth ground?
Please connect to earth. Ionizer 's effect can not be obtained unless it is connected to earth. Please check the following.

No compressed air

Is compressed air doing the necessary operation?
Compressed air is supplied only in some operations, such as when the spindle is rotating or when changing the milling bar.

Is the regulator connection and pressure setting correctly done?
Check the connection. Also, check the scale of the regulator. When the regulator pressure setting is 0, compressed air is not supplied. Please refer to "Setup Guide" ("Preparation of regulator"). Refer to the setup guide "2. Processing, preparation for processing" in the setup guide.

Is the knob at the bottom of the regulator open?
When the knob at the bottom of the regulator is open, compressed air flows out.
Refer to "3. Maintenance, Maintenance of regulator" in the user's manual.

Automatic correction fails

Is the automatic correction jig, detection pin, ATC magazine dirty?
If the automatic correction jig, detection pin, ATC magazine are dirty, remove the dirt. Detection is impossible because the sensor function will not work properly if machining dust adheres to them and it is dirty. Refer to "3. Maintenance, Correcting Machine" in the user's manual

Is the automatic correction jig correctly installed?
Check the installation of the automatic correction fixture.
Refer to "3. Maintenance, Correcting Machine" in the user's manual

Is the detection pin correctly installed?
Check the installation of the detection pin. Please check the position of the milling bar holder attached to the detection pin. Refer to "Setup guide" ("Dimension drawing" (detection pin size)). Refer to the setup guide "3. Maintenance, Maintenance of regulator"

Milling burr management information disappeared

Have you changed the aircraft name (printer name)?
Milling bar information is saved for each machine name (printer name). Before changing the aircraft name (printer name), record the contents of the milling bar information separately beforehand. If you restore the aircraft name (printer name), the milling bar information will also be restored.

A step is formed in the processing result

Has the correction been misaligned?
The origin may be shifted due to long-term use or movement of the aircraft, and steps may be made. Please perform automatic correction. If expected results can not be obtained even if automatic correction is performed, please perform manual correction. In the case of manual correction, it may be improved by changing the Y value in the home position correction. Refer to "3. Maintenance, Correcting Machine" in the user's manual

Is the processing condition of CAM correct?
Depending on processing conditions, steps may be formed. Please review the processing conditions of CAM.


DWX-52D Loading the Milling Bur
DWX-52D Cleaning after Milling Finishes
DWX-52D Retightening the Collet
DWX-52D Collet Replacement
DWX-52D Correcting the Milling Machine
DWX-52D Spindle Unit Replacement


Windows Driver 32 / 64-bit

DGSHAPE Dental Driver for Windows 32/64-bit Ver.1.40

[Model] DWX-52D, DWX-52DCi, DWX-42W [OS] Windows8.1/ 10(32/ 64-bit)

This is an installing program. Please see in details in readme.txt which contains in the following exe file.

VPanel Installer

VPanel for DWX Updater Ver.3.73

[Model] : DWX-52D, DWX-52DC, DWX-52DCi, DWX-42W [OS] : Windows8.1(32-bit/64-bit)/ 10(32-bit/64-bit)

This is an installer program for VPanel for DWX-52D. Download the exe file, and double-click "setup.exe" and follow the instructions as displayed for installation.

Firmware Installer[Model] : DWX-52D

Firmware Ver.1.40

[Model] : DWX-52D

Please download the execute file and follow the User's manual. This enables you to install the latest firmware to the machine.