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Before Purchasing
What digital equipment do you need for using a DWX-51D?

The following equipment is required: Windows PC / 3D scanner / CAM software / milling tools / material / sintering furnace (for zirconia) / dust collector / compressor 


Is CAM software included?

No, it is not included.

How can I get CAD/CAM software?

CAD/CAM software can be purchased through our partner companies.

How can I create milling data for the DWX-51D?

You can create milling data by using CAM software. For information on how to use the software and/or DWX-51D settings, please contact to your local dealer.  

Where is the DWX-51D made in?

The DWX-51D is made in Japan. The DWX-51D is registered as a general medical device.
Registration number: 22B3X10006000021

Why is a dust collector necessary?

It is to prevent not only the hazardous milling dust from getting out of the machine, but also to block milling dust from going inside the mechanical parts like the spindle unit, which may cause malfunctions of the device. Be sure to install the vacuum system which meets the required performance.

What are the specification requirements for a dust collector and a compressor?

Dust Collector:

  • Static Pressure: 4 kPa or more
  • Air Flow: 2㎥/min or more


  • Air Pressure: 0.2 to 1.0 MPa
  • Air Capacity: 30L/min or more
  • Contamination of the compressed air by foreign material is undesirable. Use an oil-free compressor.
  • Moist air may cause rust. Use a device equipped with a dryer.
  • Stable pressure is required. Select a source that has an adequate tank capacity.
  • A hose (outer diameter: 6 mm (polyurethane tube)) is required.  
How many teeth can I mill out of one zirconia disc?

Approximately between 20 to 40 pieces.
* Available amount varies according to the shape of the restorations and/or CAM software settings.

What languages are usable in the VPanel?

Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified Chinese characters and traditional Chinese characters) correspond. For the language not supported, English will be displayed.

Can you run the device for 24 hours?

Duration tests have proved that the unit is capable of this. Make sure to comply with the installation environment as below.

  • Hardware Requirement: Indoor Use, altitude: up to 2000 m
  • Temperature: 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F)
  • Relative Humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
  • Ambient Pollution Degree: 2 (as specified by IEC 60664-1)  
I am interested in purchasing a DWX-51D. Where can I buy one?

Please click here to find out Where to Buy.   

How big is the DWX-51D?

External Dimensions: 567 (W) x 855 (D) x 700 (H) mm

The following amount of space is required as a minimum for the installation:

  • Installation Space:  0.6 x 1.0 m 
  • Work Space:  1.1 x 1.5 m 


Are there any limitations for the material size?

You can use general workpieces (Blocks and Workpieces with pins) available in the dental market.  

What kind of material can the DWX-51D mill?

Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, Composite resins, Wax and Gypsum
*Workability is subject to the physical properties of the material. Please contact your dealer or the material manufacturers for details. 

Can I use a disc without levels?

No, you can't.

What are the requirements for a PC for using the DWX-51D?

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32,64 bit edition)
CPU: The minimum required CPU for the operating system
Memory: The minimum amount of required RAM for the operating system
Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive
Video Card and Monitor: At least 256 colors with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 or more recommended
* For the latest information, see the Products website. 

Which file format is compatible with the DWX-51D?

RML-1 and NC code 
* The milling data created by supported CAM software can be used. 

What software is bundled with the DWX-51D?

VPanel and Windows driver are bundled. VPanel is a program to operate the DWX-51D on your computer screen. It has functions to output milling data, perform maintenance, and make various corrections. In addition, it displays error messages of DWX-51D. Windows driver is a program to control the milling machine through your PC.

What CAM software can I use?

CAM software is developed by our partner companies. Please find details in the dental partner page. 

Is the DWX-51D compatible with the NC code (G code)?

The DWX-51D is compatible with the NC code (G code).
* The NC code (G code) commands created by supported CAM software can be used.

Is it possible to use DWX-51D for drilling (hole opening)?

It is possible if you send a drilling command from your CAM software.

What kind of tools can I use?

Shank Diameter: 4 mm 
Length: 40 to 55 mm

How do I connect the machine to the PC?

USB connection (compliant with Revision 1.1). A USB cable is included. The USB3.0 cable cannot be used.
The use of USB hubs are not supported. If a USB hub is used, there is a possibility that the machine will not function.

How long is the included USB cable? Is it possible to use any other cables in the market?

The cable included is 3.0 meters long. It is recommended to use the bundled cable for the DWX-51D.

Are there any safety features in case the front cover is accidentally opened during milling?

The machine makes an emergency stop as a safety measure, where the milling is suspended.

Can I use an e-mail program which requires user authentication?

Yes, you can.

  • The sending of e-mails may be blocked according to settings of the security software, etc.
  • If e-mails cannot be sent, check the settings of the security software used as anti-virus software.
  • Please consult with your network administrator for details on e-mail settings.
  • VPanel does not support TLS connections (STARTTLS).


About Composite Resin Blocks
Is the DWX series capable of milling composite resin blocks?

Yes, the DWX series are capable of milling composite resin blocks, when used with the following items. For more details, please contact our local resellers.

  • Milling burs for composite resin blocks (Roland DG ZDB-D series tools are recommended.)
  • CAM templates for composite resin blocks
Which composite resin blocks can the DWX series mill?

All composite resin blocks that are attachable to the DWX series can be milled. (as for August 2015)

What is the milling time for a composite resin block?

The milling time for one block when using the genuine ZDB tool is shown below.
* Please note that the data is a rough indication and the actual time varies depending on the CAM settings

Where can the ZDB series milling burs be purchased?

The ZDB series milling burs can be purchased from our local resellers.

How many prosthesis units can the ZDB series burrs produce per mill?

The chart below shows the number of prostheses the ZDB series milling burs can cut.

  • Please note that the data is a rough indication and the actual numbers vary depending on the material and design
  • The ZDB series milling burs are not recommended for milling zirconia, PMMA nor wax materials
How do you keep track of the lifetime of the ZDB milling burs?

The lifetime of the ZDB series milling burs can be monitored by using the "Tool Management" function of the VPanel. The chart below shows rough indications of the lifetime of each burs. Please refer to the User's Manual for more details.

Initialization is Not Performed or Initialization Fails

Is the front cover open?
Keep the front cover closed during startup. For safety, initialization is not performed when the cover is open at startup.

Is the milling bur caught on anything?
The milling bur attached to the spindle unit may fail to perform initialization if it is caught on the workpiece or rotary axis unit. Try to detach the milling bur using the emergency release function in VPanel.

Is anything caught on the spindle unit or rotary axis unit?
Open the maintenance cover, and make sure that no workpiece or milling waste is caught.

The Operation Button Does Not Respond

Is the front cover open?
This machine restricts some operations when the front cover is open. Close the cover.

Are you wearing gloves?
The operation button will not respond if you are wearing gloves. Operate the button with a bare hand.


VPanel Does Not Recognize the Machine

Is the cable connected?
Make sure that the cables are connected.
Refer to "Setup Guide" ("Connecting the Cables") to perform the work.

Is the driver installed correctly?
If the connection to the computer is not made in the procedure described, the driver may fail to install correctly. VPanel will not function normally if the driver is not configured correctly. Check again to ensure that the connection was made using the correct procedure.

Did you verify the connection procedure when connecting more than one machine?
There is a possibility that the connection procedure was performed incorrectly. Make sure that connections were performed correctly. Refer to "Setup Guide" ("Connecting Multiple Units") to perform the work.

Was the machine ID changed?
If the machine's ID has been changed, restart the machine.

Milling Quality Problems
The Milled Surface is Not Attractive

Is the workpiece firmly secured in place?
Check the mounting condition of the workpiece. Fasten the workpiece in place securely so that it will not slip out of place or come loose because of milling bur pressure or vibration during milling.

Is the milling bur worn?
If the same milling bur is used for milling for a long period of time, it will become worn and affect milling
results. Try replacing the milling bur with a new one. The work time of the milling bur can also be managed in VPanel.

Are the milling conditions too strict?
Strict milling conditions may affect milling results. Review the CAM milling conditions."

Where can I download the Windows driver, VPanel Updater and Firmware Installer?

 You can download them from our Support website.

How often should you change consumable parts?

Spindle Unit: 2,000 hours
Spindle Belt: 2,000 hours
* The replacement cycle is subject to usage conditions.

How should I prepare for milling?
  1. Tools: The tool(s) you set on the ATC magazine must be the same as the one(s) you configured in your CAM software.
  2. Material: The size/ thickness of the material you set on the machine must be the same as the one you configured in your CAM software.
  3. Stabilizing the Material:  The cap must be tightened firmly.
  4. Dust Collector:  The power must be turned on.
  5. Compressor:  Required amount of compressed air must be supplied.  
Is there anything I should do after the milling?

After a days work, clean the milling area using a brush or the dust collector. Also, clean the milling bur.
Clean off any milling waste around areas 1 to 3  in the following figure, as milling waste in these areas may affect the milling results. Use the Cleaning tool dialog box on the VPanel to clean the rotary axis unit.

How often should you change a tool?

Zirconia:  40 teeth
PMMA:  40 teeth
*This is a referential value when using one tool each for roughing and finishing. The replacement cycle varies according to usage conditions.

Can you change the position of the regulater?

Yes, you can set it on the left or right side of the unit, or two positions in the rear side. 


DWX-51D Attaching a Tool
DWX-51D Cleaning after Milling Finishes
DWX-51D Retightening the Collet
DWX-51D Collet Replacement
DWX-51D Correction of Milling Machine
DWX-51D Spindle Unit Replacement


Windows Driver

Roland Dental DRIVER for Windows8/8.1 32-bit ver.1.70

[Model] : DWX-4W, DWX-51D [OS] : Windows8(32-bit)/ 8.1(32-bit)/ 10(32-bit)

This is an installing program. Please see in details in readme.txt which contains in the following exe file.

Windows Driver 64-bit

Roland Dental DRIVER for Windows8/8.1 64-bit ver.1.70

[Model] : DWX-4W, DWX-51D [OS] : Windows8(64-bit)/ 8.1(64-bit)/ 10(64-bit)

This is an installing program. Please see in details in readme.txt which contains in the following exe file.

Firmware Installer

Firmware Ver.1.50

[Model] : DWX-51D

Please download the execute file and follow the User's manual. This enables you to install the latest firmware to the machine.

VPanel Installer

VPanel for DWX-51D Updater Ver.1.50

[Model]: DWX-51D [OS]: Windows7(32-bit/64-bit)/ 8(32-bit/64-bit)/ 8.1(32-bit/64-bit)/ 10(32-bit/64-bit)

This is an installer program for VPanel for DWX-51D. Download the exe file, and double-click "setup.exe" and follow the instructions as displayed for installation.