Make Your Mark

Profitable metal giftware personalization.

MPX-95 Fountain Pen Example


Photo Impact Printer

Produce customized gifts, awards, and other items by imprinting photos, text, illustrations, and much more with the METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer. Its diamond-tipped stylus (engraving tip) is capable of high-precision imprinting on a wide range of materials, from steel and titanium to stainless steel, and precious metals like gold and silver. Simple to operate, the METAZA MPX-95 is ideal for retail stores, kiosks and gift shops wanting to add premium value by personalizing items with names, logos or other graphics.


Personalization Made Easy

Personalize Hundreds of Metal Items

A diamond-tipped stylus strikes material with high-speed precision – producing detailed graphics and text on smart devices, jewelry, sunglasses, urns, golf clubs, and more.

MPX-95 Application Image

Expand Your Media Options

The base plate and base unit can be removed to enable imprinting onto larger items like golf clubs and metal vases.


Accurate Laser Pointer Set-Up

Precisely define the origin point on media and set the print position at the touch-of-a-button.


Variable Data Imprinting

Automatically apply serial data, numbers, and names to each item in a giftware series or add unique security numbers to expensive jewelry items.

MPS-95 Application Image

Easy-to-Use Software Included


With METAZAStudio, users can import, edit and output vector files, EPS, and JPEGs, plus files from cameras, scanners, and smartphones. Add borders and backgrounds, and rotate text and images.

Dr. Engrave

Dr. Engrave software is also included to enable import of Excel and CSV files and for variable data production.


Compact, Quiet and Portable

Ideal for taking to weddings, shows and events, the fully enclosed MPX-95 requires no daily maintenance, special power, or ventilation.

Imprintable Material

Gold, silver, copper, platinum, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium, etc.  (Vickers hardness [HV] of the imprint surface must be 200 or less.)  

Loadable Material Size

Using a base table + base plate: Max: 3.9 in (W). X 7.9 in. (L) X 1.6 in. (H) (100 mm (W) X 200 mm (L) X 40 mm (H)), or 7.9 in. (W) X 3.9 in. (L) X 1.6 in. (H) (200 mm (W) X 100 mm (L) X 40 mm (H)) Using a base plate only:     Max: 3.9 in. (W) X 7.9 in. (L) X 2.8 in. (H) (100 mm (W) X 200 mm (L) X 70 mm (H)) or 7.9 in. X 3.9 in. X 2.8 in.  (200 mm (W) X 100 mm (L) X 70 mm (H)) *The above are for when the cover is closed. When the cover is open, there is no limit on how large the material can be, but the imprint area of the material must be placed within the imprint area.  

Imprint Area

Maximum Imprintable Area: 3.2 in. (W) X 3.2 in. (D) X 2.8 in. (H) 80 mm (W) X 80 mm (D) X 70 mm (H) Recommended Imprint Area: 2.0 in. (W) X 2.0 in. (D) X 2.8 in (H) 50 mm (W) . 50 mm (D) . 70 mm (H)  


High Resolution 529 dpi Photo: 353 dpi Text: 265 dpi Vector: 1058 dpi  

Imprint Direction

Unidirectional imprinting or bidirectional imprinting (Selectable with Windows driver)

Imprint Speed (Default)

Photo: 2.0 in./sec (50 mm/sec) High Resolution/Text: 1.2 in./sec (33 mm/sec) Vector: 0.94 in./sec (24 mm/sec)  



Power Requirements

Dedicated AC Adapter: AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz Main Unit: DC 19 V, 1.2 A  

Power Consumption

Approx. 21 W

Operating Noise

70 dB (A) or less

Operating Temperature

50 to 86°F (10 to 30°C)

Operating Humidity

35 to 80% (no condensation)

External Dimensions

11.3 in. (W) x 15.1 in. (D) x 12.2 in. (H) 286 mm (W) x 383 mm (D) x 308 mm (H)