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Take Your Brand to the Next Level

LD-300 Applications


Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Your brand’s products are already exclusive. Make them one-of-a-kind for your customers with DGSHAPE laser decoration technology. Building on the platform of the revolutionary LD-80 Laser Decorator, the LD-300 Laser Decorator goes beyond foil decoration on soft plastics to include larger and more robust items like gift packaging and direct imprinting on leather. The unique design of LD-300 accepts small to medium size branded products for unique personalization on a variety of materials. In addition to smaller applications compatible with LD-80, LD-300 also decorates large objects with ease.  


Unlimited Personalization Possibilities

Now You Can Decorate Leather

Our patent pending technology, first pioneered with the LD-80, uses foil transfer for decoration on synthetic leather. With the LD-300, the same technology can also imprint directly onto the surface of genuine* leather. Produce multiple items at once or create unique masterpieces one at a time. Unlike CO2 lasers, DGSHAPE’s semi-conductor laser decoration technology emits no gas or odors commonly associated with laser engraving applications or fume extraction equipment. All while delivering crisp text, fine lines, and highly detailed artwork.    

* Please use genuine leather processed with plant-based tanning when transferring and stamping. Other types of treated leather will produce inconsistent results. In addition, please note that synthetic leather cannot be printed directly.  

Leather application samples for LD-300

Decorate Large Items Up to 20cm Thick

The LD-300 Laser Decorator was completely re-designed to accommodate large items such as handbags and gift boxes* with increased speed. Flat, A4 sized items (305mm ×230mm) can be decorated with ease; and if you remove the print table, the available decorating area expands to 200mm thick!  

*Depending on the height of the box, a spacer may be required for adjustment. You may also need to support the inside of the box to prevent the surface of the box from sinking or creasing. 

Gift Box samples for LD-300

Foil Transfer on Soft Plastics with Precise Results

LD-300 uses semi-conductor laser transfer technology to apply heat activated adhesive foil to a variety of heat-resistant and soft plastics including: acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS*. The pinpoint accuracy of the semi-conductor laser paired with a high-quality transfer foil can create designs as small as a fraction of a millimeter!  

* When evaluating new materials, test on a disposable piece to make sure the results are satisfactory 

LD-80 Personalization Opportunities

Safety First!

The laser used in the LD-300 conforms to the safest "Class 1" standard*, and adopts a full-cover structure, so laser light can be used in a retail setting without any danger of exposure. Built-in safety features cancel operation if the cover is opened for any reason. In addition, our unique method of laser decoration creates no dust or gas, and no regular maintenance is required to operate the machine at peak performance.  

* IEC 60825-1 


Bundled Software for Text and Logos

LD-300 comes bundled with intuitive design software for your Windows PC. Use any system fonts or vector designs you want, or import existing designs from popular design software packages in AI or EPS formats. Create custom fill patterns for your text and logos, or set up your file for multiple colors using different foils. 

METAZA Studio capture for LD-300
Imprintable material

Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, ABS, Polyurethane, PVC, Leather, Paper (Woodfree paper, Art paper, Coated paper)

Loadable material width and thickness

(Width) With base table: 323 mm (12.72 in.), without base table: 274 mm (10.79 in.)

(Thickness) 216 mm (8.50 in.)

Imprint Area

[Recommended imprint area] 275 mm (width) x 196 mm (depth) (10.83 in. x 7.72 in.)


318 dpi (text), 1270 dpi (vector)

Imprint direction

Unidirectional imprinting or bidirectional imprinting (Selectable with Windows driver)

Printing speed (default)

24 mm/s (0.95 in./s; default), 48 mm/s (1.89 in./s; maximum)



Power requirements

[Dedicated AC adapter] AC 100 to 240 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz [Machine] 19 VDC, 1.2 A

Power consumption

Approx. 23 W

Operating noise

70 dB (A) or less

Operating temperature

10 to 30 ℃ (50 to 86℉)

Operating humidity

35 to 80% (no condensation)

External dimensions

616 mm (W) x 591 mm (D) x 496 mm (H) (24.25 in. (W) x 23.27 in. (D) x 19.53 in. (H))


46 kg (101.4 lb.)

Light source

[For imprinting (foil transfer)] Class 4 laser; wavelength: 450 nm; dispersion: 23 degrees; pulse width and repeatability: 167.5 μs, 4 kHz; max. output: 1.6W

[For positioning] Class 1 laser, wavelength 655 nm

Safety devices

[Interlock] When the cover opens, the laser power supply turns off.

[Cover] Light-blocking cover

Included items

AC adapter, power cord, USB cable, Software Package CD, setup guide, material retainer, film frame, etc.