Hamamatsu, Japan, January 30, 2019 -

DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a leading provider of digital fabrication tools, including 3D milling machines, 3D printers, and engraving machines, announced today the launch of its latest Decorating solution, the DE-3 desktop engraver. DGSHAPE continues the legacy of Roland engraving with a new model that features laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation, and other intelligent enhancements.

According to Hisashi Bito, President of DGSHAPE, “The DE-3 builds on the legacy of Roland engraving solutions that is advanced today by DGSHAPE Corporation and affirms DGSHAPE’s commitment to providing reliable, desktop solutions for the entrepreneur to build a business.”

The DE-3 can produce a variety of engraving applications including industrial nameplates, signage, awards, and gift personalization. This next generation engraver incorporates many new improvements including: Ethernet connectivity, updated nosecone technology for higher quality engraving on uneven material, data buffer for offline engraving, laser pointer for precise material alignment, and new bundled software: Dr. Engrave Plus. This new software has advanced features such as AI and EPS file support, leveling and drilling functions, and Variable Data Printing.

"A cornerstone of all DGSHAPE machines", Bito said, "is their ease of use. Operation is as simple as pressing a button." DGSHAPE prides itself on the concept of the “Open System.” This open architecture offers the flexibility of using design software and tooling that engraving professionals are already familiar with. The DE-3 can be connected via USB or LAN which allows for increased flexibility in any environment. Dr. Engraving Plus is a design software that can create new artwork or take existing files from popular design software packages to output to the DE-3 for a true out-of-the-box solution.   

Media Contact:
Dana Curtis, Global Brand & Communications Manager

About DGSHAPE Corporation

DGSHAPE Corporation designs and manufactures hardware and software solutions for entrepreneurs who want to fulfill their dreams of creating something new to Shape the Future. We cater to multiple industries including: medical, manufacturing, and retail. We help innovators unlock their dreams by removing barriers to creation: through intuitive technology that simplifies the user experience: interface, software, and maintenance, multi-axis rotary milling technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT) analytical platforms. Everything we do is motivated by creating tools for the next great history-maker to Shape Ideas, make innovation, and make life better.

To learn more about DGSHAPE Corporation, please visit www.dgshape.com


About Roland DG Corporation

Roland DG Corporation is the world's leading provider of digital printing solutions. The company's inkjet printers, printer/cutters and cutting machines are widely used to create a broad range of promotional items including banners, signs, vehicle graphics, stickers and labels, and to provide customization services for apparel and personal items like smartphone cases. Recently, Roland DG has embarked on a promising new retail frontier by capitalizing on individuals' increasing desire to create their own, uniquely designed and decorated items. The company’s COTO business division has developed proprietary design and print management software which enables customers to design their own gifts, apparel and treasured mementos, and to enjoy an unforgettable creative experience.

For more information about Roland DG Corporation, please visit www.rolanddg.com.