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3D Milling to Fit Your Needs

Stay at the forefront of 3D fabrication & prototyping production. 


Benefits of 3D Fabrication and Prototype Production

From art, craft, and tool making, to printed circuit board and spare part production, DGSHAPE has a machine that meets your needs. Whether you're purchasing a device for making your own prototypes or you need STEAM education solutions, DGSHAPE's easy-to-operate machines can turn your imagination into reality.


Empowering People to Shape the Future

An Open System

Open architecture allows DGSHAPE Modeling Solutions to work with the latest materials and CAD/ CAM software so you’re never limited by older technology or proprietary materials and software. If you already have a production solution, DGSHAPE Solutions work seamlessly with your existing 3D scanner, CAD package, and compatible CAM software while eliminating the need to rely on a single source for materials. Compatible with RML-1 and NC code, DGSHAPE Solutions interface with your computer through a USB connection. 

All Modeling solutions come bundled with basic CAM software and are ready to install out of the box so you can begin creating your 3D designs within minutes.

Modeling An Open System Benefit

Ease of Use

DGSHAPE Modeling Solutions have intuitive software controls and do not need complex controller interface software or hardware. All modeling solutions come with a controller software called VPanel and can be driven directly from your computer. The MDX series machines also have attached handy panel controllers that can operate simple machine functions without the need for a direct connection to a PC. Plug and Play Windows drivers are included with all modeling devices and can be driven directly from popular CAM packages or directly through the VPanel using G-Code.


Roland DG products have been known in the Rapid Prototyping and Maker industries as the best, most reliable, and affordable solutions around. Backed by legendary service and support, DGSHAPE continues the 30 year legacy of Roland 3D technology through intelligent engineering, compact design, and a simple interface. 

To learn more about warranty and service programs in your area, contact an authorized DGSHAPE reseller.

Bundled Software

Each DGSHAPE Modeling solution comes with our own SRP Player CAM package with a simple, intuitive, wizard-based interface that walks you through the process of selecting the right cutting tools and designing an output strategy to get the quality you are looking for in the right amount of time. 

Using the existing dropdown menus, simply select your type of cutting tool, material, and desired level of detail and the SRP Player CAM software automatically generates the right tool path for your application. 


The DGSHAPE Modeling Suite



A compact, easy, powerful and affordable 3D milling machine.

MDX-540 product shot


Professional 3D milling of snap-fit parts, prototypes, light metal molds and more.



Automatic 3D milling of parts and prototypes for users of all abilities.