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DGSHAPE marks accessories made of medical steel using the small desktop metal printer MPX - 95, and will meet the demand for future UDI (Unique Device Identification).


Surgical Device Reprocessing Solution


Healthcare Management System for Medical Devices



A low-cost, easy-to-operate solution for directly marking metal items

DGSHAPE Hospital Medical Solutions

Working with Hamamatsu Medical University


Roland DG Corporation, the parent company of DGSHAPE, joined the "Industry-academic collaboration evaluation model project" created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) in Japan. This project is a public/private partnership to innovate new business models with the help of local industry, local government, chambers of commerce, and others in and around local universities. 

We completed the first business year of the work support system construction project related to the maintenance and management of medical instruments and equipment. This project was a joint collaboration between Roland DG Corp and Hamamatsu Medical University, both located in the Shizuoka prefecture in the city of Hamamatsu, Japan. 

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Introduction of MPX-90M for Direct Part Marking (DPM)

MPX-90M is a medical version of the Metaza MPX-90 photo impact printer, specialized for marking medical instruments and equipment. Identification and traceability can be secured by embossing serial numbers or 2D barcodes on each part of medical instruments and equipment. In the last 12 months, we marked approximately 4,000 medical instruments and equipment managed by the central medical facility materials department. 

The MPX-90M has since been succeeded by the MPX-95 with a DPM kit and is currently being used to test the viability of this new business model. 


Introduction of the MR-1 Barcode Scanner

MR-1 is a barcode scanner that reads serial numbers and two-dimensional symbols marked with MPX - 90M and MPX-95. It has been developed exclusively as a barcode reader for Metaza printed medical devices and can reliably read two-dimensional symbols marked according to the guidelines of the medical device industry association. These are more commonly known internationally as Unique Device Identifier (UDI) guidelines. 

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Introduction of Digital Manual Maintenance and Cleaning Support System

We created digital interactive mobile kiosks that guide the technician through the cleaning work support system for medical instruments and equipment. In addition to digitizing traditional paper-based work instructions, each process is subdivided, and by using many images, we have developed a "digital manual" that everyone can easily understand. As a result, standardization of washing and sterilization of medical equipment has been automated using a version of Roland's D-Shop digital manufacturing process.

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Digitization of Work Instructions, Inventory Management, and Assembly Support Systems

In surgery, depending on the surgical site and method, the necessary tools and equipment are different for every procedure. After every surgery, tools need to be separated, processed, and re-assembled into "surgery sets".

There are more than 600 types of "surgery sets" to be prepared, and it is very difficult to select the necessary items from a vast number of instruments and equipment. By digitizing these 600 kinds of paper-based work instructions, we can search by "set name", "medical department", "point of instruments/equipment", and by linking with MR-1. Even if you do not know the name and purpose of the equipment, we are making it possible to search the instructions based on 2D symbols marked on the instruments. By scanning tools before, during, and immediately after surgery, we can keep accurate track of these surgery sets from prep all the way through sterilization and final processing - drastically eliminating the possibility of human error.

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Construction of a Work Support System on the Internal Hospital Network

In this hospital factory we have created, work log data on each digital kiosk can be saved on the server, the site administrator can understand the work progress and make efficiency improvements through data analysis. By applying this network environment and analytical system, it is possible to establish a network connection between a washing support system and a search/assembly support system to synchronize work instruction sheets at each terminal and manage work history.

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