Dental CAD/CAM Applications

Advanced Technology for Dental Laboratories


DGSHAPE offers compact dental mills designed for your lab's needs that offer all the functionality and support of larger machines in a convenient desktop design. Ideal for laboratories or office environments, the DWX Dental mills deliver innovation and high-speed machining capabilities. 




In-house production of custom abutments


Open Materials for an Open System


Zirconia is the most popular milling material used today. There are many benefits to choosing zirconia. Easily stained and available in highly translucent forms, zirconia match natural teeth well, making hard to identify the restorations from the real thing. Zirconia has a much higher flexural strength than other materials, so is well suited for patients with bruxism. Unlike metal, the price of zirconia is less volatile, leaves no ugly lines around the gums, and there is no risk of allergic reactions.

Compatible with: DWX-52DCi, DWX-52D, and DWX-4

Disk Samples Zirconia

Composite Resin

Available in a number of shades to simulate real teeth aesthetics, composite resin materials can be finished without firing - dramatically reducing production time. Patients experience less wear to the opposing dentition and a natural bite due to its excellent absorption of chewing forces. Should the underlying dentition need additional treatment or repair, the material can easily be modified and repaired just like a real tooth.

Compatible with: DWX-52DCi, DWX-52D, and DWX-4

Composite Resin Samples

Glass Ceramic

Glass ceramic is the cutting-edge new material with robust consistency, high flexure strength, and the aesthetics of natural teeth. Despite its strong hardness, the abrasion properties are similar to natural teeth, minimizing damage to the opposing natural teeth. It is gaining attention as a material friendly to the natural teeth for its high biocompatibility. Glass ceramic materials require a crystallization process before placing in the mouth, but can be milled with ease on our wet milling machines prior to being placed in the sintering oven. 

Compatible with: DWX-42W

DWX-42W Materials


There are many benefits to using wax for traditional PFMs, casting, and pressing. The quality of fit is exceptional and consistent, and the occlusal surface can be as detailed as you like. Wax is a great material for the true craftsman and DGSHAPE devices hit an amazing level of detail on such a soft material.

Compatible with: DWX-52DCi, DWX-52D, and DWX-4 

Milling Wax Sample


PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) is an acrylic material which comes in dental discs or blocks in a wide range of traditional shades. Mill out full prosthesis for denture try-ins, denture base, or mill single crowns and bridges for provisional temporaries in a clinic laboratory. 

Compatible with: DWX-52DCi, DWX-52D, DWX-4, and DWX-42W

PMMA Dental Samples

Liquid DLP Resin

UV Light-cured photopolymer liquid used in the Digital Light Projection (DLP) additive manufacturing process. Create Denture base, custom trays, and casting frameworks with high quality and high repeatability. 

Compatible with: DWP-80S

Dental Liquid Resin


CAD/CAM Systems


The complete software solution for digital dentistry: Leading OEMs have chosen exocad software for their dental CAD/CAM offerings, and thousands of exocad Dental CAD licenses are being sold each year. Our mission is to expand the possibilities of digital dentistry, and provide solid, reliable and easy to use software solution for a rapidly evolving market. As an independent software provider, we are open for integration with a wide range of 3rd party devices. For system integrators - and end users can choose the best system fit to their particular needs.


Exocad Website

Dental Wings

Digital dentistry solutions: Digital dentistry is creating scores of opportunities for dental professionals. We believe that the right technology can make dentistry predictable, enjoyable and less stressful. Dental Wings is focused on helping dental professionals bridge the gap from analog to digital in order for them to prosper. Dental Wings has opened the door to a new era of digital dentistry.


Dental Wings Website


3Shape Dental System™ is known throughout the dental industry as the most powerful CAD/CAM design system in the world. Empowering technicians with automation and productivity 3Shape’s CAD Design software supports familiar workflows, provides the market’s most comprehensive dental indication support and greatly enhances productivity through extensive automation. Backing users with care, technology and expertise LABcareTM gives users access to 3Shape’s worldwide network of authorized support experts and many learning channels.


Dental Suite Software 3Shape Website

CIM System

In many regions, DGSHAPE milling machines are bundled with Millbox CAM software.

The best CAM solution for the dental technicians and labs! Are you dreaming of more functionality from your CAM software in the future? SUM3D Dental makes your dreams a reality, right now. The reliable CAM which enhances your technical capabilities, while improving the quality and range of your products.


CIM System Website


WorkNC Dental. WorkNC Dental is a fully open dental CAD/CAM system for accurate and reliable automatic machining of prosthetic appliances, implants based prosthetic or structures. It allows users to offer the best compatibility with the leading Dental CAD system and allows to import STL files with or without specific meta-data (Margin line, Implant kit positions...). Work NC Dental's technological solutions produce high quality machined dental components in greatly reduced production cycle times. This is why WorkNC Dental has been developed in liaison with several CNC machine manufacturing partners to ensure the accuracy and quality of custom abutments and other dental prostheses.


WorkNC Website


GO2CAM for DGSHAPE is a specific customized version of GO2dental for Roland milling machines. It is open to any CAD software and is used to produce any kind of dental parts, including models, and compatible with any material. GO2dental produces high precision parts and is recognized as the easiest to use dental CAM software.



FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group

hyperDENT stands at forefront of digital dental CAM technology due to the adoption of intricate algorithms. Possessing a sophisticated digital process, hyperDENT offers increased precision and operator efficiency, significantly reducing the time required in the production process. With full collision check features in place, hyperDENT delivers one of the safest software processes for milling in the dental market, optimizing a seamless workflow and drastically reducing material wastage.


Hyperdent Website