What is DGSHAPE?

DGSHAPE Corporation was spun-off of Roland DG Corporation in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary to develop and market the company’s innovative 3D products, including DWX mills for the dental industry, MPX photo impact printers and EGX engravers for the industrial labeling and personalization industries, and MDX and monoFab series of desktop milling machines for the rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and hobby industries. The company’s products are distributed worldwide.

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DGSHAPE YouTube Page


We place all of our promotional/training videos on our YouTube channel. If you have a request, leave a comment in the Discussion Section and let us know what you would like to see!

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DGSHAPE Facebook Page


We have a private group for DGSHAPE team members and DGSHAPE machine owners – DGSHAPE Family page.

We built this page as a community to listen to our users and learn from their experiences so we can build the next great DGSHAPE solution. If you own a Roland/DGSHAPE device – DWP/DWX/LD/MDX/MPX/SRM; join our group and share your opinions with us!

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DGSHAPE Instagram Page


This is where we display our fun side. We like to post images of corporate events, KOL visits, and unique applications that we have seen created using our

technology (have you seen the Millenium Falcon in acrylic or #DGSHAPEDiscWords ?).

If you see us at an event, tag us @DGSHAPE_Global and let us know what you would like more of!

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DGSHAPE LinkedIn Page


Our LinkedIn page is a place for news, videos, and content from a business perspective. On LinkedIn we will show product information, new technology,

employment opportunities, and embrace one of our core philosophies:

Shape Ideas. 

Connect with us and share your ideas!

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