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Accurate, High Esthetic Restorations

The DWX-42W 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine is one of the most accurate, standalone wet milling devices in the industry. A smooth and steady ball-screw driven system produces exceptional results, enabling the milling of glass ceramic, composite resin, PMMA, and titanium restorations with high precision and accuracy. This 4-Axis device rotates and tilts discs for deep undercuts, producing multiple dental restoratives with ease.

Trochoidal Milling Explanation
Trochoidal Milling Explanation


Incredibly Fast Output

DGSHAPE’s latest Wet Milling Machine promotes a new, heavy-duty spindle with minimal compressed air needs and multiple milling techniques to speed up production for all dental restoratives. Mill up to three jobs simultaneously for the fastest production times or select multiple tools to produce high quality crowns, veneers, small bridges, inlays, onlays, and screw-retained crowns.


In-House Custom Titanium Abutments

Software converts the 4-axis grinding area in to a single rotation lathe using advanced software control on your CAM package. No special coolant or additional modifications needed. The entire process can be done in minutes. Switch back and forth between abutments and traditional restorations with ease.

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The AK-1 Abutment Milling System is a complete solution for milling custom abutments from popular industry solutions like NT Trading, MedentiKa, and GeoMedi. Simply attach the abutment blank holder, install the titanium milling burs, and swap out the filtration tray cover to convert your wet grinding mill into an abutment milling device.

New Option


Multi Pin Clamp

The ZV-42W option doubles the number of blocks that can be installed onto the DWX-42W. Less setup-change time, more hands off operation time.

Compatible model [DWX-42W] only.



The included VPanel software combines maintenance and output performance seamlessly into a complete machine software control system. VPanel can completely control your machine remotely without any need for an operator to be stationed in front of the machine.

VPanel DWX-42W

VPanel is a locally installed software package that monitors machine activity and controls basic functionality like regular maintenance, file setup, and intelligent tool control. Program your burs, materials and jobs for complete control of your device.

VPanel DWX-42W



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Millable Material

Glass Ceramic, Composite Resin, PMMA, Pre-sintered Zirconia, Titanium Alloy (with AK-1 kit)

Loadable Workpiece

Width: Up to 40 mm (1.57 in), Depth: Up to 20 mm (0.79 in), Height: Up to 20 mm (0.79 in)

Operating Speed

6 – 1800 mm/min (0.24 – 70.9 in/min)

Spindle Speed

15,000 – 60,000 rpm

Rotary Axis Travel Angle

A: ±360°

Numbers of Burs

Up to 6

Attachable Bur Shank Diameter

3 mm, dedicated milling bur

Compatible Compressed Air

Pressure: 0.18 – 0.3 MPa, Flow: 39 L/min or more, Tank Capacity: 33 L or more


USB, Ethernet (10/100 Base T automatic switching)

Control Command Set

RML-1, NC Code

Power Requirements

AC 100-240V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

Approx. 190 W

Operating Noise

Operation: 70 dB(A) or less (not cutting), Standby: 48 dB(A) or less

External Dimensions

Width: 482 mm (19 in), Depth: 560 mm (22 in), Height: 600 mm (23.6 in)


61 kg (135 lbs)

Installation Environment

Indoor use only, Altitude: Up to 2,000 meters (6,562 ft), Temperature: 5-28°C (41-82°F), Relative Humidity: 35-80%

The DWX-42W comes with Power cord, USB cable, Dedicated milling burs, Automatic correction jig, Measuring cup, Hex screwdriver, and Hex wrench.

Contact an authorized DGSHAPE distributor to obtain certified DGSHAPE spare parts and accessories.

DWX-42W, like all DGSHAPE devices, is part of an "Open System" where any CAD, scanner, and CAM can be used to complete your own personal workflow that you are familiar with. We do not have any proprietary components or software and we do not charge a fee to "unlock" any part of our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

DGSHAPE is a member of the Roland DG group of companies and our products are sold and serviced through its network of distribution partners around the world.

In most cases, DGSHAPE will warranty the machine for up to 1 year after install, however regional regulations will determine specific warranty policies around replacement of consumable items and hardware repair. Contact an authorized DGSHAPE distributor for details.


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