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Web App

Get a Live Snapshot of Your Operation

Real time stats from your DWX device in an intuitive, visual format.

Uptime / Downtime status monitoring.

Know when your machine is being used and maximum efficiency per work hour.

Keep track of error logs to identify possible missteps in your workflow or to identify training gaps within your staff.

When was the last time you checked your spindle? 

Error logs accurately track machine maintenance to stay on top of your machine so your machine can stay on top of your business. 

Measure your material and tool life. Calculate precise costs per job or per hour. Accurately forecast your supplies inventory.

Monitor material costs per disc or block.
Monitor tool life to see how many hours or jobs you are getting from each milling bur.

Remote Control

You don’t need to be in front of the machine to be productive. Focus on other parts of the business or #WorkFromHome. DWINDEX watches the machine for you and gives you complete control, because you have other things to do besides babysitting your mill.


Preview the previous 30 seconds of webcam footage before a critical error to identify gaps in your workflow.

Let your machine notify you, from anywhere, when a job is complete.

It happens, you lost a job – tool broke, critical stop, data error.

If you have other jobs left in the queue or other discs waiting in the disc changer, remotely tell the machine to move on to the next job – without having to be anywhere near the machine.


Operating System Agnostic

Get all the benefits of DWINDEX from anywhere, on any platform. Mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. 

If your computer has a browser, you are good to go. 

Apple Vs PC? Who cares!

DWINDEX web app lets you monitor your machine and build your business from any interface, whether it be desktop or mobile and unlocks unlimited potential in your workflow.

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Choose Your Adventure

DWINDEX can be installed on your PC or via a web browser

DWINDEX Material

Keep it where you use the machine. Load DWINDEX on the same PC as the VPanel software and monitor usage right where you work.

Make the machine come to you. Choose where you want to work and DWINDEX will come to you via any computing device equipped with web browser.
DWINDEX Material



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The DWX-52DCi comes with everything you need to get started, including software, an air pressure regulator, six material adapters, and a power cord. 


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