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Decorating An Open System

An Open System

Open architecture allows DGSHAPE Decorating Solutions to work with the latest materials and design software so you’re never limited by older technology or proprietary materials and software. If you already have a production solution, DGSHAPE Solutions work seamlessly with your existing optical scanner, vector or raster graphics software, and come bundled with output software while eliminating the need to rely on a single source for materials. Compatible with RML-1 code, DGSHAPE Solutions interface with your computer through a USB connection and come with everything you need right out of the box to get started.

Ease of Use

DGSHAPE Decorating Solutions have intuitive software controls and do not need complex controller interface software or hardware. All decorating solutions come with a laser pointer to easily line up materials for maximum efficiency. Plug and Play Windows drivers are included with all decorating devices and can be driven directly from popular vector graphics packages from Adobe and Corel. Each DGSHAPE Decorating solution comes with our own vector graphics output software with unique features like variable data and raster-to-vector conversion.


Roland DG products have been known in the Custom Gift and Engraving markets as the best, most reliable, and affordable solutions around. Backed by legendary service and support, DGSHAPE continues the 30 year legacy of Roland decorating technology through intelligent engineering, compact design, and a simple interface. 

To learn more about warranty and service programs in your area, contact an authorized DGSHAPE reseller.

Bundled Software

Each DGSHAPE decorating solution comes with our own design/output package with a simple, intuitive, interface that lets you design a custom look with logos and text in minutes. No additional software required to operate the machine!

Vectorization tools within the software let you take a raster object, such as a photo, and convert to a single color vector logo. The Variable Data function takes a spreadsheet of data and pre-populates specific fields to allow complete customization for a production run of serialized items. The software uses all existing fonts in your Windows operating system also.