Digitalization of the dental laboratory with Roland solutions

Rafael Jaén is the proprietor of Zirconart, a dental laboratory which is a pioneer in CAD/CAM technology aimed at prosthetics and implantology specialized in total implant rehabilitation.

The Zirconart team is comprised of qualified engineers, prosthetics, designers and IT specialists. With an experience of over 30 years, Zirconart is in possession of the most advanced 3D CAD/CAM software and hardware on the market, which allows them to provide a timely, efficient and qualified response which satisfies the new emerging CAD/CAM demands in the dental field.

Zirconart acquired the Roland DWX-30 dental milling machine, a grinding system which was specifically developed for the dental market. Each new device undergoes testing before joining the rest of the equipment, in order to insure it complies with the quality standards required by the laboratory. The new DWX-30 purchased by Zirconat was tested for 3 weeks with two different CAM software solutions, SUM 3D and WorkNC Dental, achieving excellent results working with PMMA and Zirconium.  Mr Jaén was impressed by the features and ease of use of the DWX-30, “the unit is extremely reliable and easy to use, and the best thing about it is that we are talking about an open system. I am able to use the CAM software and whichever consumables I wish”. Zirconart is the best example of a dental laboratory which has managed to adapt to the new emerging technological solutions to maximize the benefits drawn from them. During these 30 years, Zirconart has gone from wax treating for modelling, injection, etc. to the most modern 3D techniques. The Roland DWX-30 milling machine has now become a part of Zirconart´s voyage towards excellence.