Adding a Digital Dimension to Dental Design

For Sven Keutner of the dental lab SKdent in Loshausen (Germany), the Roland DG DWX-50 dental milling machine is a hit. “I have only praise for this machine. The possibilities are endless and the quality is excellent. Moreover, this machine costs a fraction of what you pay for other apparatus.”

SKdent is a dental laboratory located in central Germany. It was founded in 2007 and employs 18 people. SKdent produces dental prostheses based on scans that they make themselves or that are supplied by their customers. For milling crowns and bridges, the Roland DG DWX-50 is used. This compact milling machine is a perfect fit for their needs: “We use the DWX-50 primarily for making zirconia dental prostheses, but we also work in PMMA and wax. The machine is very easy to operate. You master the process quickly, even if you have no experience with milling. Moreover, you can rely on the machine always producing high quality results.”

Sven Keutner came across Roland DG at the IDS (International Dental Show). “I saw the DWX-50 in action there. I immediately had a very positive impression. The five axes were simultaneously working and I thought: we can do everything with that.” Five-axis simultaneous milling, however, offers more than these additional milling capabilities. It optimizes production time and also, thanks to this way of working, the milling tools last longer. 

A further advantage of the DWX-50 is its automatic calibration. The machine is completely self-adjusting. One press of the button will do to calibrate the machine. The production is fully automatic as well. The machine can be left running unattended without problems. Thanks to the automatic tool changer, there is nothing more to do once the job is put in motion. Furthermore, it is an open system. This means that the unit can be used with any software, milling tools and files. 

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