Dental Milling Streamlined

German-based company millDENT specializes in the manufacture of dental prostheses made of zirconium. Founder Akin Öztürk uses the DWX-50 milling machine from Roland DG in the manufacturing process. The 5-axes machine is ideal for milling crowns and bridges in zirconium, PMMA and wax. “The DWX-50 is compact, easy to operate and much less expensive than similar machines from other manufacturers,” Öztürk says.

millDENT, which is based in the German Duisburg, was founded in 2011 by Akin Öztürk, who already had built up extensive knowledge of the sector during his time with Exocad, a developer of dental CAD software.

Öztürk wants to apply his individual approach to become a reliable partner and to provide solutions to meet the specific needs and desires of each client. He delivers high-quality dental prostheses in zirconium, wax and plastic. “After extensive market research, I chose the DWX-50 milling machine from Roland DG,” Öztürk says. “The combination of the power of the machine and its price is simply unbeatable. In addition, you can mill over five axes simultaneously with this machine,” he says. “This is really necessary for special cases, and allows my milling tools to continue operating for much longer.”

The DWX-50 is an open system, which leaves the field open to choose different software, file types, materials and milling tools. “It is very important for me to be able to work with my own software,” Öztürk says. “You see, I am a certified trainer in Exocad.” The machine calibrates itself automatically, which saves the users a great deal of calculations and configuration work. The unit also has an automatic tool changer and checks to ensure that the tool is still in good condition before and after every change. The system can also send e-mails with production information. It is therefore not necessary to stay with the machine to be able to keep on top of the production.

Akin Öztürk is also looking to the future. “I want to expand my business further,” he says. “But I definitely want to maintain the close cooperation with my clients. I keep up with the developments at Roland very closely and would love to work with them again if the opportunity presents itself.”