The Ciarsolo Dental Prosthetics Laboratory places its trust in Roland DWX-50 and WorkNC Dental

“We were already in possession of a complete system made by another brand, but we opted for the system offered by Iddentic due to the power of the Roland DWX-50 milling machine, coupled with the reliability and ease of use provided by the WorkNC Dental CAM software.”

Mikel Ciarsolo is in charge of the Ciarsolo dental prosthetics laboratory in Izurza, located in the province of Biscay.

The Ciarsolo dental prosthetics laboratory has always been known for seeking improved process efficiency whilst offering maximum quality in each of the pieces made.

Mr Ciarsolo explains why he became interested in the solution offered by Iddentic, systems integrator and Roland DG Iberia authorized partner. “We were already in possession of a complete Sirona system fitted with two Cerec milling machines, but we opted for the one offered to us by Iddentic due both to the power of the Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine and the reliability of use offered by the WorkNC Dental CAM software.”

Work NC Dental is a 100% shareware CAM program and this was a key element in Mr Ciarsolo’s decision, “the Sirona system presented limitations and did not provide the wide versatility offered by Roland DWX-50 in conjunction with the WorkNC Dental CAM software.  Furthermore, after analyzing a number of options, we became aware that our choice would have to be WorkNC Dental, due to the experience its solutions have amassed throughout the years in the world of dental technicians, but also due to being a software which was expressly thought out and designed for dental technicians, which allows for grinding all sorts of dental structures without the need for any previous CAM knowledge, all of this implies saving time, and of course, problems”

At the Mikel Ciarsolo prosthetics laboratory, they were also clear about having the Roland DWX-50 milling machine since the beginning: “Working with a 5-axis milling machine allows you to use all sorts of dental structures, from zirconia to wax, including PMMA plastics and all sorts of resins. We also thought it important that the milling machine´s manufacturer has technical support and their own warehouse in Barcelona. This is something which gives us much peace of mind, as they offer fast, efficient post-sales support.”

For the Ciarsolo dental prosthetics laboratory, IDDENTIC´s solution has brought about a revolution in the way they work. “we have not only increased productivity and quality, but we also save time and insure comprehensive control of the productive processes. We may also mill structures which we had previously had to sub-contract, thus being able to offer more competitive prices. The 5 simultaneous axes now allow me to mill implants in record times whilst delivering the right quality, which I could not previously do.”

When asked, Mr Ciarsolo is clear about what he likes the most about the Iddentic solution, “it is a system which brings together the best of software and the best of milling machines, and this is discernible from the word go. With WorkNC, the process is simple and clear, from the moment I import an STL file until I send the job to be milled.  Milling is optimized, reducing time and increasing the life span of the tools without affecting quality. And the Roland DWX-50´s automatic tool change is perfect, as it allows for unmanned milling. Thanks to Iddentic, we haven’t had to worry about anything. They have been very professional at all times and have known how to assess us based on our real needs. And the technical support has also lived up to our expectations: we have been milling since the beginning!

Mikel Ciarsolo has placed his trust in Iddentic and he has not been disappointed, “on the contrary, it was the right decision”, he says. We mill on a daily basis and we have absolute faith in the system. We have improved our competitiveness, not only because we have increased our range of products, but because we are now able to optimize time and raw materials. The quality of the product is very high and the best thing has been the ease of use the system offers. It has been all benefits, and no problems.