Best solution for milling Zirconia

Axel Vogel leads a dental lab in Berlin. He uses a five-axis milling machine from Roland DG for milling dental prostheses. “At IDS, I discovered the DWX-50 milling machine from Roland DG. For almost two years now I have been working with this machine and for me it is the perfect solution for milling dental crowns, bridges, telescopic prostheses and abutments.”

Zirconium is his favorite material but he also uses plastics and wax. Vogel is very excited about the DWX-50: “The machine calibrates automatically which is really convenient and saves a lot of time. In addition, the five axes can be controlled simultaneously. To me, this was a real aha experience, because there are no limitations compared to systems that only have four axes. The latter always leads to a restriction of the operating angle.”

Another advantage of the DWX-50 is its user-friendliness. The production is entirely automatic. Thanks to the automatic tool changer you do not need to do anything as soon as the job has been initiated. “I have compared different machines before buying the DWX-50. The others were often very complicated and expensive. I was immediately impressed, however, by the Roland machine”, states Axel Vogel.