Lab Ceram Stays on the Vanguard with the Roland DWX-50

Joel Lopez is the Director of Lab Ceram, located in Mexico City, Mexico, a full service facility that prides itself on manufacturing quality dental restorations through the intersection of art, science and technology. “Our laboratory aims for consistent, efficient production of the highest quality dental prostheses,” said Joel. “That is why we chose Roland’s DWX-50 milling machine.”

Designed to streamline the production process, the DWX-50 dental milling machine has 5-axis simultaneous machining capability and a 5-station automatic tool changer. It precisely mills wax, zirconia, PMMA and Lava™ Ultimate. The DWX’s diagnostic notification system allows the milling process to proceed with minimal operator intervention.

Joel notes that his production workflow has evolved as digital dental technology has supplanted some of the more traditional techniques. “New tools like scanners demand new production methods,” he said. “We always seek perfection: controlled definition and high quality outcomes. With the DWX-50, we get excellent results day in and day out.”

Joel values the ease of use the DWX offers as well as the time savings over manual production. “It’s very simple: when we save production time, we are able to provide better service to our clients,” he said.

Joel also appreciates the versatility of his Roland dental mill with its open technology. “We find that whatever software or updated tooling we need to do to accommodate new techniques, we are able to incorporate it within our Roland system,” he said. “We have ultimate control over our process and materials.”

“Like most contemporary businesses, we have an obligation to stay on the vanguard of technology so that our products are manufactured to the highest standards. As a dental laboratory, we have the additional requirement that our restorations be anatomically perfect,” said Joel. “We successfully meet these exacting standards every day with our Roland DWX-50.”