DWX-50 Technology Yields 10 Times the Benefit for Keating Dental Arts

Shaun Keating, owner and CEO of Keating Dental Arts in Irvine, California, wasn’t sure at first that replacing people with machines would work for his business.  “I believe that you are only as good as your people.  However, dental milling technology is now producing some of the most awesome, consistent restorations that have ever come out of a lab,” he said.   

Shaun invested in Roland’s DWX-50 5-axis CAD/CAM milling machines after a previous system proved disappointing. He said, “I got this gray hair in three years with my other CAD/CAM machine.  It really was nothing but problems.

“The last few years with Roland have been unbelievable – the quality, consistency and just the reliability are second to none. These machines don’t make mistakes. They’re right on the money every time.”

Shaun was impressed by the DWX’s ease of use.  “After we got the DWX-50, literally in an hour and a half we were rolling perfect full contours. It was unbelievable the quality that came out instantly. I have friends in the industry with $250,000 systems, and I think the finish is better on my Rolands.”

“These little CAD/CAM machines pay themselves in about 6 months. An average ceramist can comfortably produce 10 to 15 teeth a day. One DWX-50 can do up to 100 units in a day,” said Shaun.  “You’re talking about 9 or 10 X productivity.”

The DWX’s open technology is another feature Shaun values. “I can pick whatever CAM software I want, and try 20 different zirconia disks.  Because what’s best last year is not best right now: that’s technology. Roland really understands that,” he said.

“I’m always going to have the best ceramists, but instead of having four Rolands, I will have 40 of them as I grow.”