Adding a Digital Dimension to Dental Design

Gary Iocco, president of the National Association of Dental Laboratories and president of the Midwest Dental Laboratory Association, has been using digital imaging and dental milling technology in his laboratory since the early 2000s. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in this technology over the past decade,” said Gary.

Gary owns Dimension Dental Design CDL in Hastings, Minnesota, a full service lab with a staff of 12. They rely on the Roland DWX-50 5-axis dental milling system to produce fixed dental restorations for clients throughout the upper Midwest.

Gary went through trial and error over the last ten years to find the right mill for his business. He extensively researched dental milling solutions before upgrading to the DWX-50. “I talked to more than a dozen labs that have Roland dental mills and none of them have had any problems,” said Gary. “The Roland has one spindle – it’s very robust and designed for heavy lab use.”

Gary researched the business case for his investment as well. Since the DWX mills from a “puck” of material rather than a small block, his material costs were reduced by almost two thirds. “Even working with numbers from our slowest months, the DWX will pay for itself in material cost savings alone,” said Gary.

“In my opinion, any size dental laboratory can integrate dental milling technology, and there are very good business reasons to do so,” Gary said.