New Technology Brings a New Day for Boca Raton Dental Lab

Founded in 1977 by Nick Aleksa and Guy Campion in Boca Raton, Florida, A&C Dental Lab serves more than 55 clients in the local area. Today, Guy’s son Mike Campion is a co-owner of the lab.

 “When CAD/CAM milling came out it was a brand new day for our lab. It took our work to the next level,” said Mike. 

To execute their lab’s CAD/CAM milling work, Mike and Guy invested in a Roland DWX-50 5-axis dental milling machine. A&C uses its Roland to mill full contour crowns, copings, and zirconium abutments, as well as wax for pressing and PMMA for temporaries and surgical guides.

“We wanted a high quality milling machine by a company that would be there for us year after year,” Mike said. “The precision of the DWX-50 and Roland’s reputation for service were big factors in our decision.”

Purchasing the DWX-50 was a turning point for their dental lab business, saving the company time and money. He commented, “Now we have less shelf time for our cases and better parameters.” Mike estimates his lab made back their investment in the DWX-50 “in under 2 years.”

 A&C has also begun milling acrylic PMMA. “PMMA is a new market for us,” said Mike. “Now we can help  our dentists work the case from start to finish.”

 Having in-house capability means A&C can keep pace with larger companies. “We can do the work the  way our clients like to see it, and still offer competitive rates,” said Mike.

 Mike values the stability and precision of his DWX-50. “You’re working on something smaller than a  thumbnail, and it has to fit in the client’s mouth perfectly.  We don’t get any vibration or loss of margins  with the DWX-50,” he said.